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What is The Cobweb Orchestra?

The muti-award winning Cobweb Orchestra is a regional network of local orchestras with an extensive programme of events and an exceptionally tolerant open-access policy (Yes, all players of all instruments really are welcome and you don’t even need to commit to coming every week).

We are a very flexible orchestra. Some of our members are seasoned, experienced players who want to enjoy their music in new company. Some are complete beginners who may never have played in an orchestra before. Many have been too busy to practice for several years and want to blow the cobwebs off their music stands and start playing again.

There are:

The emphasis of The Cobweb Orchestra is on sharing our enthusiasm for and enjoyment of music.

How do I join in?

You don't have to 'join' to come along to our events, you will be made welcome whenever you decide to take part. However, if you decide that you'd like to support our work and receive membership benefits you can become an official member. Click here to find out more about becoming a member.

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Instrument Bank

Amongst its resources, Cobwebs boasts a bank of nearly 50 musical instruments, employed in a number of ways by its members and others associated with the orchestra.

Players may borrow from the bank in order to rediscover the musical skills they perhaps acquired years ago but have since let slide, enabling them, in the first instance, to avoid the expense of investing in their own instrument.

Also, members find the instrument bank offers an ideal way to experiment – they might have a go at an alternative instrument, and some who do subsequently switch to it permanently. If on the other hand it doesn’t work out, they can simply hand it back in with nothing lost.

The instrument bank was put to intensive use in August 2011 during the orchestra’s beginners’ week at The Sage Gateshead, when 60 participants spent five days trying out different instruments – and some have become regular players and members of the orchestra since the event.

Also, on occasion, the orchestra’s members indulge in an instrument swap which sees everyone attempt to play something different to their own, familiar instrument. This is a fascinating exercise, in which a competent musician is instantly reduced to the standard of a complete beginner, but nonetheless a useful activity for helping the musicians to understand and hopefully empathise with the individual nuances of each discipline!

The instrument bank is a hugely popular resource, and witnesses a constant “to-ing and fro-ing” of instruments as Cobwebbers explore and rediscover the pleasure to be gained from making music.

Find out more

To find out about more about Cobwebs either join us at one of our events or rehearsals.

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