Food hygiene at Cobweb events

A highlight of many Cobweb events is a "bring and share" meal. We want to continue to enjoy these, but to do so safely we need to observe a few important principles of food hygiene.

When we serve a shared meal the Cobweb organisation is effectively supplying food to those who attend, and the organisation therefore has a responsibility to minimise the risk of allowing an episode of food borne illness to occur. To this end, everyone who enrols for an event including a shared meal should be made aware of these guidelines.

All food should be prepared and handled with care, but the danger lies mainly in high protein foods, in which bacteria can multiply rapidly at temperatures above 8C. These foods are known as high risk foods. The main high risk foods are:

Cobweb events carry particular risks because:

The following guidelines should be followed by everyone:

(For further information on safe catering see:

Approved by Trustees November 2012

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